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SWEET Summer nights! Baby's first birthday! https://www.sweetcheeksphoto.net/blog/2014/8/sweet-summer-nights-babys-first-birthday Sweet Baby Rosalia was on the move all during her first birthday session! I had a fab time. I love working with babies! You can’t really pose them so they give you whatever they got! J I was able to capture some SWEET shots. We had the perfect backdrop and the session was nice and relaxing. Check out some of my favorites from that night!

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High School Senior Session https://www.sweetcheeksphoto.net/blog/2014/8/high-school-senior-session I just love doing High School Senior sessions! They are a lot different than my baby sessions and can actually hold a pose for longer than 1 second J. We had a beautiful night a few weeks ago and Brendan was such a STUD! He will be a 2015 graduate of De La Salle and is on the hockey team. I cannot wait to do my second session in the ice rink with him! Check out this handsome boy and if you want information on my senior sessions contact me today! 

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What's new with Sweet Cheeks?! https://www.sweetcheeksphoto.net/blog/2014/8/whats-new-with-sweet-cheeks Seriously?! My blog life has been non-existent! Really?!! 8 months from my last blog? What the heck? I love sharing my favorite images on my facebook page but never give myself enough time to write about my experiences and what is going on in my life! I am a total social media junkie! Why cant blogging be easier?  

I would love to switch up my blog every now and then and not just focus on my sessions but share with you some fun things I love to do.  Each week (or every other?? Hehe) I will feature something fun in “My life”. Maybe some fitness stories and crock-pot help?  I seriously put everything in the crockpot!! I would love for everyone to get to know me more.

Since January I have come in contact with the most amazing families. I love all my sessions and love that I can be creative and different with each and everyone one. Not one session is the same. While I do not photograph weddings this is what I can offer you:





High School Seniors



Dance Sessions


Every session is unique and I cannot believe how much Sweet Cheeks has grown.  Check out this adorable session from last night. 

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SWEET summer morning with Coco! https://www.sweetcheeksphoto.net/blog/2014/8/sweet-summer-morning-with-coco  

I spent the morning in a beautiful location with Coco and her mommy and daddy! Her mom picked out an amazing spot and we had fun running around capturing some beautiful memories. Even their dog was able to make it in some shots! LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl! How fun are her butterfly wings and wand? :) Check out some of my favorite images from today! 




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Tis the SWEET season! https://www.sweetcheeksphoto.net/blog/2013/12/tis-the-season I don’t even know how to begin! These past two months have been such an exciting experience and I am so blessed to be able to work with 38 (39 if you count my son Jack) families this Christmas season! Every session was a blast and I am so lucky to have captured these memories.

Check out these ADORABLE shots (so hard to just pick one) from everyone’s session! There are some new things in plan for 2014.  Print products have expanded and now all prints will have an embossed linen texture to them! I am obsessed with the brushed finished on larger prints so you will be able to see samples inside my studio! There will be a new 2014 That’s So Sweet! Magazine that will be published online soon!

And of course new props and backdrops are always being added to my collection. Did you see my new settee? It is from the 1920’s. OH LA LA!

Enjoy these beautiful faces and I hope to see you all in 2014!

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Fun to be ONE! https://www.sweetcheeksphoto.net/blog/2013/4/fun-to-be-one I had a fun time last Friday morning with little Izzy and her parents. We were glad the sun showed up! We spent an hour at the park and captured some cute shots! Izzy loved all the animals and was so fascinated with the ducks. She is such a sweet little girl. Take a look at my favorite shots from the morning- I created a cute hot air balloon basket for the session! Enjoy!

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Lifestyle Sessions- What are they? https://www.sweetcheeksphoto.net/blog/2013/3/lifestyle-sessions--what-are-they Lifestyle Sessions work great if you are unsure of what your little one will do inside a studio. I am able to capture their personalities in their natural environment. These sessions are un-structured and mostly un-posed. Each lifestyle session will be different and that is what makes them so special!

Check out this recent lifestyle session I did for big boy Cameron and his parents John & Amy. Cameron just turned one and John & Amy are expecting a baby girl in June!  Cameron is so adorable and what a personality he has! I had an amazing time at their house and got in a lot of laughs! My favorite belly laugh is when I asked John to join Amy on the sofa to get a shot in. I told him to cuddle in with his wife and pretend I wasn’t there. He then explained that if I wasn’t there he wouldn’t be doing this! MEN! I think my husband is with you on that one!! Lol! All jokes aside- John and Amy are an amazing couple and I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with them.

If you have any questions about creating a lifestyle session please contact me. I would love to chat with you and discuss how we can make that happen.

Below are some of my favorite shots from that day.

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Curly Q https://www.sweetcheeksphoto.net/blog/2013/1/curly-q I love the feeling of excitement. The anticipation for what to come is what I love the most. On Sunday, I had an amazing photo session with a beautiful baby boy named Giorgio. It was all smiles from the time they walked in the door until they left. I couldn’t wait to sit down and go through the editing process. This baby is gorgeous- and I love his curly q on the top of his head! His parents were  such a pleasure to work with! I knew I liked Marcella from the first day we talked about session information. She and her husband are so easy going and baby Giorgio was such a stud the entire session. Take a look!


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Oh what fun! https://www.sweetcheeksphoto.net/blog/2012/12/oh-what-fun Goodbye, 2012! What an amazing year it has been! There is so much to be thankful for. This blog is dedicated to my entire family. I am showcasing some pictures of them throughout the year. I am so thankful for my entire family. Frank and I are so lucky to have everyone in our lives.

We welcomed a beautiful son into the world in March. He is our shining star. I don’t know what I did before he was here! He is such a good boy and amazes us every day. A few months later, we welcomed two more additions to our family. Twins! My sister-in-law Pietrina gave birth to two beautiful baby boys. Our family grew by 3 in just a few months!  Giulio and Marco (born two months early) are two miracle boys. They are so strong! I cannot wait to see all three cousins in action! I wonder what mischievous things they will do together!

My sister Christina was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in June of 2011 and was cleared in November! The past year and half she was so strong and I look up to her so much. She took the battle she was given and kicked its butt! I was able to photograph her when we were in Florida this month and they turned out so beautiful. Also, My Brother Joe got engaged this month to his girlfriend Amanda. We are so happy for them!

I am so happy that I started Sweet Cheeks this year! (if you didn’t know it is named after my son with his amazing big cheeks) This all started because I became obsessed with trying to make my "personal" photos look professional. I love being able to capture a memory and I cannot wait to see what the New Year has in store for Sweet Cheeks. Hope you enjoy these photos and I would love to be able to work with you in 2013!

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On Holiday! https://www.sweetcheeksphoto.net/blog/2012/12/on-holiday Say, Hey!

It was a fun, yet busy week. I love multi-tasking because it keeps me energized. With being a mom, working, doing photography and still doing the things I love, it can get challenging. I feel a sense of rush when I have to do all these things. It keeps me going and prepares me for when I become Queen of the Universe! hehe

I jet-setted to Florida on Monday with my son Jack, my Mom, Dad and sister Christina, so my blog is a couple days late! I spent almost all of Sunday night making sure I had everything for Jack.  He has a lot of stuff! Jack did great on his first airplane ride, but the only sad thing is that my husband Frank had to work so he could not make it. Next week, I plan to feature a personal blog of some pictures of our trip. More info next week so please make sure to check back here!

On Wednesday, I did a great photo shoot with two delightful boys. I have known their mom and dad Maria & Craig for almost 10 years. They run an AMAZING company, so how could their sons Dylan and Michael not be the same! They are very talented. I knew once I walked in the door we would have fun capturing their personalities. When I arrived they were getting their coats on and we went down to Lakeshore Drive. The fun began when they wanted to ride their scooters down to the lake! We got some great shots there and I also received a mini concert when we got back to their Rock Room.  The room had guitars lined up on the wall, drums, a keyboard, and wall art, it all screamed Rock n’ Roll. I had the pleasure to hear them play two Green Day songs and I was able to get them in action.  

After that I shot formal pictures at their beautiful Christmas tree and around their piano in the living room. Dylan then played the piano and Michael joined in with his violin. We ended the session with what I would call some “Fun shots” with them holding their Nutcrackers that Maria has displayed all in front of their fireplace. Each year they pick out a new nutcracker to add to their collection. So fun! I did get one of them together in front of the fireplace. They look like future politicians! Take a look and see for yourself! Enjoy!


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Children, Babies and Twins- Oh My! https://www.sweetcheeksphoto.net/blog/2012/12/children-babies-and-twins--oh-my Now that the week has come to an end I am so excited to share with you what I have been doing. Keeping busy, that is for sure! But I am so happy to say that I love what I’m doing. Every family has been great to work with and it is fun to capture these special moments in their lives. I love working with props, changing scenes and waiting for that perfect moment to snap a photo. Every shoot is getting better and better.

This week’s showcase is a collaboration of what I did this week. I worked at my studio and a client’s house. I worked with 7 kids, twins and a 2 month old. Once I send the pictures to my client I can’t wait to hear their comments. It makes me a better photographer and keeps me moving forward. I love the feeling of accomplishment.

Thursday night I worked with two families that came together to do a family shot for their in-laws. It is fun to work with a big group but boy can it be challenging! I think we found the perfect pose though and I can’t wait to see it in print! Below are some pictures of Gabriella who will be turning 5 in a month so we did a mini shoot with her.

Friday was sooo exciting! I could not wait to work with twins! I have been preparing for a couple weeks now since they were born to make sure I had the right stuff to work with. I knew I NEEDED a bunk bed shot! How cute would that be! I went to work and put everything together. The bunk beds were hand painted by me; I selected custom bedding sewn by my longtime friend Melissa. (Check out her etsy page SewFabBaby Boutique! They make amazing minky blankets and tutu’s! The blankets are so soft and I was able to pick out my own fabric! )

Gia and Joey were great to work with! But that was all due to their parents Katie and Anthony, who were so calm and patient with them. Such great parents and a pleasure to work with!

Moving on to Saturday morning was a fun filled event with my good friend Erin and her 2 month old baby Gavin. What a precious face he has! And not to mention the mohawk hair! Gavin cooperated so well and I am so in love with him.

One more shout out to my friend Connie, whose products are seen in a ton of my shoots. I used the blue diaper cover in the twin shoot and she is responsible for the owl hat that Jack is wearing in the main photo on my slideshow! These are great gifts so please check out her website- Oh So Sweet Boutique.

Below are some of the snapshots I did this week. Hope you enjoy them as much as me! 

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Family Time https://www.sweetcheeksphoto.net/blog/2012/12/family-time It is crazy how fast one week has gone by! I have been busy managing my website and responding to a ton of emails! Thank you everyone for having an interest in my photos! I love all feedback, so please keep the e-mails coming! This upcoming week is pretty busy. I have three shoots and I am excited to see how those turn out! Every session keeps getting better and better. I have a twin photo shoot and I cannot wait to show you what I have planned!!

Aside from that, I wanted to showcase one of my shoots from this week. I did a beautiful family who I have known for a long time! I was very excited when my long time cheer team member Kristin contacted me to do a Christmas photo and family session with her husband Nick and their three children. I graduated with Nick and cheered with Kristin in high school. Being that I have a tiny studio, I suggested that if the weather cooperated then we should take it outside. I was so glad it worked out because we had an amazing session! Kristin and Nick’s children were so well behaved!  Also, Kristin handmade the girls bows-so adorable! Please check out her facebook page- BGB By Design

We were able to capture some great shots and I hope they are happy with the outcome as much as I am! It was a pleasure to work with this family!


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Lovebirds https://www.sweetcheeksphoto.net/blog/2012/11/lovebirds I was so excited when my brother Joe and his girlfriend Amanda agreed to do an outdoor photo shoot! I knew it was going to be a success right from the start! Joe and Amanda have been dating for a few years and I would like to tell everyone (especially my family and friends) that this was NOT an engagement shoot. (not yet??!) LOL My brother wanted me to note that.

We planned on meeting at Dodge Park to take advantage of the foliage. Well the weather had changed a bit and I had baby Jack who was bundled up sleeping in his stroller. Jack is the best assistant ever!  We rolled with the changes, Joe brought his guitar and Amanda looked like a movie star! I was able to get the look I imagined plus more. They were great and such a pleasure to work with. Joe’s beautiful guitar was a perfect addition to the shoot and I cannot forget their cute dog Vinnie who couldn’t wait to get photographed as well.

All went well aside from the little injury we had when I made Amanda jump on Joe’s back (scroll down for the final shot). I should have spotted them but I mean Amanda is a tiny thing so I didn’t think it would be a problem. Sorry Joey! I hope your neck is feeling better.

I hope everyone enjoys taking a look at some of my favorite shots from the shoot.



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